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32 Doors Candles & Wax by Butter Me Soft®

Winter Wonderland Glass'd Candle

Winter Wonderland Glass'd Candle

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'NEW Winter 23' Home Fragrances"

Experience a wintry world of delicate fragrances with our Winter Wonderland Glass'd Candle. Artfully handpoured with coconut apricot wax, it's scented with sweet notes of fresh mint, green apples, peppermint candies, vanilla, and musk, and topped with shimmery plant-based glitter for a sophisticated, eco-friendly glow. Its double-wicked design ensures maximum performance and a rich, hot throw. 

This iridescent candle vessel makes great storage use for hygienic & beauty products, candy dish, etc.


Once our creamy & luxurious coconut apricot candles are poured, each batch cures for at least 2 weeks for maximum performance (Cold/Hot Throw & Burn). 
Burn Time: 12oz (Approximately 60+ Hours)

Pros Of Owning A Coconut Apricot Wax Candle

• Smooth Top with Each Burn

• Non-Toxic

• Clean-Burning

• Made with Renewable Resources

• Maximum Performance

• Very Minimum Soot

• Biodegradable

• Made with Phthalate Free Fragrances

• Infused With Essential Oils

• Gives Any Space A Welcoming Aroma


*A tiny amount of refined food-grade paraffin wax was added to enhance the performance of the hot throw of this candle. 


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